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Synonyms for lexicon


Synonyms for lexicon

an alphabetical list of words often defined or translated

specialized expressions indigenous to a particular field, subject, trade, or subculture

all the words of a language

Synonyms for lexicon

References in classic literature ?
On a day like this there's no such word as fail in my bright lexicon."
This walking Bayle dictionary did not act, however, like that famous lexicon; he did not report all opinions without drawing his own conclusions; he had the talent of a fly which drops plumb upon the best bit of meat in the middle of a kitchen.
Go, brave heart, and save me from despair.' `I obey, and return victorious or dead!' With these thrilling words he rushed away, and flinging open the door of the mauve salon, was about to enter, when he received..." "A stunning blow from the big Greek lexicon, which an old fellow in a black gown fired at him," said Ned.
"Mortally: after all, it's tough work fagging away at a language with no master but a lexicon."
"And in the South Seas garnered a better vocabulary from the lexicon of Love," Percival was quick on the uptake.
In Sophocles' Lexicon I find a reference to Chrysostom(l, 242, A.
Among Lexicons many accomplishments, the company has built or been involved in building bridges throughout the United States; steel mills in at least 50 locations worldwide; the Ivanpah, California, concentrated solar plant and AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys.
However, previous studies have typically been based on fixed lexicons determined before the service launch or based on on-the-fly updates according to a new analysis of out-of-lexicon words.
EXPERIMENTAL RESULTSThis section presents an evaluation of experimental results of the proposed lexicon by comparing it two other lexicons, namely, SWN and hybrid [8] on the same training and testing corpus.
We explore the influence of using background knowledge in the form of different sentiment lexicons, as well as the influence of various lexical surface features.
In these works, a usual model of a sentiment analyzer incorporates two components: (a) the classifier which analyzes and categorizes the given text and (b) the lexicon or lexicons containing the information about the orientations of the entries (words/ phrases) as positive or negative.
It remains one of the best school lexicons as it took advantage of techniques used in Western lexicons and dictionaries.
We built two lexicons namely General lexicon and Domain lexicon that will maintain list of positive and negative words.