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a compiler or writer of a dictionary

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(3) In that article, I make the argument that a significant detail in the history of these recordings is that Greet was a lexicologist and a scholar of American dialects--an ethnographer.
Evaluating those first 50 quizzes (2 classes a semester, 25 students in each) tests my ability as a lexicologist because, even though I say that I use MW11 and AHC4 as standards of Edited American English (EAE), I have to keep in mind that my students often use Random House paperback dictionaries from WalMart and dictionary.com (only the first screen, however).
It is thus the aim of this article to review some of the traditional concepts, to show the advantages of the fuzziness/nondiscreteness concept of cognitive linguistics over Aristotelean classifications, and to provide the historical lexicologist with an attempt at systemizing especially the motives of lexemic change from an onomasiological viewpoint.
In the eighteenth century, the Chinese lexicologist Mei Yingzou (=Mei Ying-tso) classified the Chinese characters on the basis of the 214 radicals he considered basic.
(9.) This was the opinion of the distinguished Genoese lexicologist Giacomo Devoto (1897-1974), both in his Dizionario Illustrato della Lingua Italiana, Firenze: Le Monnier, 1967, and in Avviamento alla Etimologia Italiana: Dizionario Etimologico, Milano: Mondadori, 1979.
By 1611 lexicologist Sebastian Covarrubias Orosco noted, "Since the invention of the four-course Renaissance guitar, there are very few who study the vihuela.
You don't need a lexicologist to tell you that the attitude behind the usage of many words is more important than the words themselves.
'Lex is our lexicologist. Wordsworth has devoted his whole life to appreciating words' worth.'
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In the 1990s, on a professional mailing list, Jean Tournier would refer to besieged and minority lexicologists of English dominated by grammarians as being "lexikosovars", a pun quite characteristic of his style but variously appreciated in the research community during Sarajevo's bombings.
The Oxford lexicologists decree that the plural is spelled saddos, but I shall spit in the face of their diktat.
The problem is, activists are not lexicologists, and Hack Marriage's well-intentioned definition of "marriage" still leaves much to be desired: