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the act of writing dictionaries

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A current trend in Saami lexicography is the making of dictionaries available as apps for phones and tablets.
The internet, Digital Initiatives and Lexicography. London / New York: Bloomsbury, 2013, p.
A lot of space is devoted to citing Eblaite cognates (for example, three full lines in the entry for the root ?-b-d); despite the large amount of time it must have taken to track down the Eblaite forms, the citations are perhaps not always the best use of space given the continuing uncertainties of Eblaite lexicography.
Professor Marello has published extensively on bilingual and plurilingual lexicography, lexicology, and theoretical and applied linguistics.
His books and articles on late antiquity and the Middle Ages are anchored in a major edition of Claudian, while he is probably best known as a Neo-Latinist for his editions of Niccolo Perotti, although his work in this field covers poetry and metrics; lexicography and encyclopedias; philology, epistolography, commentaries, and the humanist reception of classical texts; history of paper, books, and libraries; and ancient, medieval, and modern numismatics.
Large-scale lexicography in the digital age, International Journal of lexicography 27(4): 378-395.
They traverse the disciplines of lexicography and musicology in the broadest sense, and thus facilitate interactive perspectives between these and other disciplines.
(7) In her authoritative history of English-Polish / Polish-English lexicography, Podhajecka (2016: Chapter 23) maintains that KFD's debt to LILIEN is indisputable.
Macedonian Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska and the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to the Republic of Macedonia, Martin Bezak, said this lexicography achievement would make the cultural connections between the two nations stronger and would encourage and inspire further cooperation and communication.
Eliot Rendleman's article, "Lexicography: Self-Analysis and Defining the Keywords of Our Missions," originally published in the Writing Lab Newsletter, vol.
has not been impressed The content that ends up filling this form runs the gamut of creative miscellanies: lists, catalogues, lexicography, jokes, errata, and so forth.