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of or relating to lexicography

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Under these theories when DMs make risky decisions, rather than weighting, multiplying, and adding probabilities and payoffs, they proceed lexicographically and compare features of lotteries, that is, their minimum payoffs or the probability of a minimum payoff, and so on.
The fairness is improved in the third phase by sharing the channel with unallocated WSOs such that lexicographically ordered throughputs do not decrease.
A suffix array SA of a text T is an array containing values which range from 1 to n and represent the text positions of the lexicographically sorted suffixes of T.
The first part, denoted by DOMAIN, includes the rule in line 2 to determine the lexicographically smallest identifier among places in an instance as (arbitrary) starting point for the construction of a round trip.
We suppose that the grid points are ordered lexicographically, i.e.
The TC membership of such terms is marked only syntagmatically in usage as the respective phrases are not lexicographically recorded.
For two different sets S and T of positive integers, we say that S is lexicographically smaller than T if the minimum element from the symmetric difference of S and T comes from T.
As a result of this substantiation, the alternatives can be lexicographically differentiated according the criteria, to the support priority setting in the next step.
As before, feedback loops can be avoided by lexicographically ordering all inference devices at every point in time and, to avoid feedback, by never allowing a node to point to another node of lower number.
Using the principle of max-min fairness [11], the sink- (source-) optimal flow was defined as a flow which lexicographically maximizes the flow vector from the point of view of sink (source) nodes, and an efficient algorithm to find such flows was proposed in [12,13].
Assuming that the image size is N x N, all g, f, and [eta] are expressed by [N.sup.2] x 1 lexicographically ordered vectors, and H is an [N.sup.2] x [N.sup.2] block circulant matrix defined by the PSF.
One difference is that the former picks lexicographically first parents, when there are multiple options for the placement of a node, while this one favors the one that was found first, in order to minimize changes in the topology.
It is immediate to see that the monomial in [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] with the lexicographically largest evaluation is obtained as follows: it has letters [b.sub.1] in positions given by [K.sub.0], letters [d.sub.1] in position given by [K.sub.1], letters [b.sub.2] in positions given by [K.sub.2], and so on.
After that, the two-dimensional signals [s.sub.RD](m, n) and g([x.sub.p], [y.sub.q]) are expressed in lexicographically ordered vector as