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of or relating to lexicography

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(9.) In what follows, we are limiting ourselves to the Jewish commentarial and lexicographic glosses on the literal meaning of the Hebrew tsammah Of course, there is a complex array of allegorical and mystical interpretations of the Song of Songs in the Jewish exegetical tradition: the Midrashic, Talmudic, and Targumic readings; the great medieval commentaries; the philosophical and Kabbalistic interpretations.
If lexicographic orderings produce mixed signals, organisations may respond by imposing requirements that attempt to raise the signal to noise ratio.
Martinez-Legaz (Chapter 9) explains the role of lexicographic orders in utility theory.
The relation [??.sub.[Pi]] coincides with the lexicographic path ordering if ground terms are considered as constants (their structure is forgotten), and where the precedence is given by the term ordering ??, by the precedence [[is greater than].sub.[Pi]] on the predicates, and by assuming that each predicate is smaller than any term.
--visiting the domains of all the variables (i.e., a union of polyhedra, each of whose first k indices are now common and represent time) in lexicographic order of these k indices (and other indices, if any, in any order), and evaluating the body of the recurrence without suspensions (the arguments are guaranteed to have been already evaluated).
Since both of these calculations proceed in lexicographic order, the QR factorization for one lexicographic vector can be efficiently updated for the next lexicographic vector.
Multiple decision strategies (such as lexicographic, disjunctive, conjunctive, or expected utility) can be used in each of the two decision stages subject to different environmental and personal conditions.
In order to apply the lexicographic approach described above, equal poverty comparisons must be made.
The OED was used both to enlarge the original BNC sample by looking for all potential competitors of the selected competing pattern and for lexicographic data (dates of attestation, senses, etc.).
Scholars of the Hebrew Bible present a handbook on clothing and nudity in it that combines thematic and textual studies and an introduction addressing methodological issues; the ancient Near East evidence; and lexicographic, anthropological, and theological aspects.
An algorithm for generating permutations of the integers 1,2,3,...,n in lexicographic order is presented.
Word embeddings capture semantic similarities between words that are not visible from their lexicographic form; for instance, the words 'enables' and 'allows' are syntactically very different, yet their meaning is somewhat related.
In the best Flarf poetry, there is an infectious, lexicographic joy at the weird wondrousness of contemporary English.
Based on the lexicographic approach [19-20], a two-phase ILP method is adopted for minimizing power consumption in a bandwidth limited IP over WDM network.