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Synonyms for levy

Synonyms for levy

to establish and apply as compulsory

to enroll compulsorily in military service

compulsory enrollment in military service

a compulsory contribution, usually of money, that is required for the support of a government

Synonyms for levy

a charge imposed and collected

the act of drafting into military service

impose and collect

cause to assemble or enlist in the military

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In these complex systems, Levy flights seem to be as prevalent as diffusion is in simpler systems," notes physicist Michael F.
On the outlook for 2009, Levy argues that GDP growth and corporate profits could improve somewhat in the second quarter, but this will likely not herald the recession's end.
The Levy Board has reacted by publishing a consultation document, which is available online at hblb.
1) Actor Gary Morgan, left, and designer Aitan Levy say their Big John Toilet Seat - selling for $88 - is more comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes.
The Service may levy to collect the liability that was the subject of the offer after it returns the offer to the taxpayer.
The standard rate cereal processor levy remains at 8.
The next change in the levy structure due for January 1, 2003.
In his new role, Levy will report to Riverdeep's CEO and chairman Barry O'Callaghan and be responsible for overseeing all educational operations, including sales, marketing, product strategy and academic services.
com President Oscar Coen hired Rivas-Vasquez and Levy from a large pool of young applicants.
Mackewicz and Levy both point out that they still don't know what CAF is.
Levy Home Entertainment is a subsidiary of The Chas.
But it was the stagnation, Levy argues, that made the inequality seem ominous.
In light of this, I took some time to read in full the annual report, which can be found on the Levy Board's website.
As was the case with the canine crazies in ``Best in Show'' and the passionate heartland hams in ``Guffman,'' Guest and co-writer Levy play it pretty straight in ``Wind,'' knowing that the truth, slightly heightened, is funnier than fiction.
The final regulations apply to any NFTL filed, or any levy occurring, after Jan.