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a simple sugar found in honey and in many ripe fruits

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The most important enzyme in honey is invertase (also known as saccharase or sucrase), which converts the sucrose of nectar into invert sugars: dextrose and levulose found in honey.
Porem sao escassos e contraditorios na literatura estudos que relacionam os efeitos do consumo hidrico em decorrencia da suplementacao com creatina mais adicao de carboidratos visto que Moura (2010) utilizando protocolos de suplementacao atraves de dieta, relatou ingestao de agua duas vezes menor em ratos suplementados com levulose, em comparacao com glicose.
Barrett, 1967 The dextrose, levulose, sucrose, and acid content of the juice from 39 grape clones.
It is composed of two main sugars, levulose and dextrose.
"Actually we are using a natural product called levulose. It is clinically (tested) ...insulin independent and (of) low calorie.
Commonly, fructose is compared with its opposite and truly naturally occurring sweetener, known as "levulose." There are some chemical similarities between fructose (man-made) and levulose (made by nature), and so the synthetically refined sugar fructose was labeled in a way to make one believe it comes from fruit.