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Later in 1969 Silverstein and co-workers isolated a chiral and levorotatory alcohol (2) as the sex pheromone of the dermestid beetle (Trogoderma inclusum LeConte).
Blossom honey is levorotatory in contrast to honeydew and some adulterated honey, which are normally dextrorotatory.
There are different varieties of meth: dextrorotatory methamphetamine (D-meth), levorotatory methamphetamine (L-meth), and racemic methamphetamine (DL-meth).
The levorotatory isomer is the more active releaser of nor-epinephrine and dopamine in the central nervous system, and currently levopropylhexedrine is in fact synthesized from dextromethamphetamine (Wilson et al.
4) Familiarity and use of liothyronine (the exogenous levorotatory form of T3) augmentation may improve response rates for depressed patients taking antidepressants.
154) Once separated, it was determined that the dextrorotatory enantiomer imparted all of the beneficial antiplatelet activity, while the levorotatory enantiomer imparted all of the neurotoxicity of the racemate.