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the phenomenon of a person or thing rising into the air by apparently supernatural means

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movement upward in virtue of lightness

the act of raising (a body) from the ground by presumably spiritualistic means

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High-temperature superconducting magnetic levitation has the advantage over more conventional magnetic levitation technologies because it can realize stable levitation without any active control, say Wang and Wang.
When its 10-hour battery begins to run low, the smart portable speaker automatically descends to the Levitation Station and begins to charge wirelessly with no intervention from the listener and no interruption in the music.
The new levitation technique can be "applied to a range of applications, including blood tests," the university said.
The main goal of the experiments was to improve two position levitation performances of the metal ball by implementing improved neural network in the system control logic.
skyTran's computer-controlled, 2-person "jet-like" vehicles employ magnetic levitation technology instead of wheels.
The rest of this first section moves into a defense of Joseph's levitation as a real possibility, one which would seemingly contravene materialistic science and its laws.
Instead, they'd be suspended via magnetic levitation.
Synopsis: Levitation is the process by which an object is held aloft, without mechanical support, in a stable position.
7, 8] pointed out that the American Maglev Technologies system achieved successful levitation in Florida on a bridge mounted to the earth on a concrete foundation but later encountered difficulties in achieving stable levitation when the vehicle was moved to the bridge installed on the Old Dominion University campus.
I became so fascinated with magnetic levitation, I began building my own prototypes with magnets; 15 years later, I built a hoverboard prototype.
Construction for the superconducting magnetic levitation railway, the Chuo Shinkansen, began in December 2014, and by 2027 it will only take 40 minutes to travel the 286 kilometers between Shinagawa Station in Tokyo and Nagoya Station.
Demonic voices, overturned and the levitation of children were just some of the reported ghostly goings-on at a North London council house in 1977.
NEW SERIES THE ENFIELD HAUNTING Sun Sky Living 9pm Demonic voices, overturned chairs and the levitation of children were just some of the reported ghostly goings-on at a North London council house in 1977.
Pureology has reformulated its Pure Volume system and added an Instant Levitation Mist to help take hair to new levels.
Magnetic levitation (maglev) is widely used in many applications such as superconducting magnetic bearings (SMB), energy storage system and flywheels, magnetic levitating vehicle.