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Driven by current regulatory changes pushed by worldwide institutions regarding both gas emissions and efficiency targets, Climaveneta has unveiled TECS2 HFO, the company's latest range of chillers with magnetic levitation compressors embracing an innovativeGREEN EFFICIENCY approach to cooling.
That led swiftly to other levitating projects, working with brands such as Nike and Urban Ears to build magnetic levitation installations: shoes, headphones and speakers.
The people at Crazybaby said that the levitation technology will help in delivering the better sound because it floats in the air and so there were be no loss of sound through transference to materials that are in contact with it, unlike usual speakers which need to be in contact with the surface.
Maglev is short for magnetic levitation, which means that these trains will float over a guideway using the basic principles of magnets to replace the old steel wheel and track trains.
To achieve levitation, Poulikakos and colleagues vibrate aluminum blocks about the size of postage stamps up and down, like tiny jackhammers.
The Shanghai Maglev Train, China's first use of the technology, also opened as the first commercially operated high-speed magnetic levitation line in the world in 2004.
com)-- Differentiate yourself in points of sales thanks to an original and striking way of displaying your products: the magnetic levitation.
Based at the North East Technology Park (NETPark) in Sedgefield, Durham Mag-Lev uses magnetic levitation to lift vehicles in wind tunnels.
LEVITATION could spring a surprise in a wide-open three-year-old fillies' handicap at Newbury (3.
This process is based on the levitation property of non ferromagnetic bodies sunken in a ferrofluid.
The boys claimed their skills of levitation allowed them to float across the mud - like Jesus walked on water.
The concept of magnetic levitation -- or maglev -- comes to life in a workspace where visitors assemble Lego contraptions with powerful magnets in place of wheels.
A high-speed magnetic levitation train travelling at 125 mph crashed in north-western Germany yesterday, killing at least 15 people in the first fatal wreck involving the high-tech system.
A high-speed magnetic levitation train, travelling at 125mph, crashed in north-western Germany yesterday, killing at least 23 people, in the first fatal wreck involving the hi-tech system.
So, while we hold our judgement to experience the whole ensemble, we also await the buoyant roof's 4m levitation, which for whatever reason (guy ropes too short?