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investing with borrowed money as a way to amplify potential gains (at the risk of greater losses)


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It has assumed that the combination will be a leveraging transaction relative to the approximately 4x leverage that supports the existing 'BB' Issuer Default Rating (IDR).
* Leveraging resources, relationships, and innovation outside established silos.
iSCSI reduces SAN complexity by leveraging a LAN manager's knowledge of IP networks and by utilizing a common set of Ethernet switches as building blocks for both SANs and LANs.
By leveraging workflow learning and Web Services, DAU learners will increasingly be unleashed from the classroom and even the desktop, as learning becomes available though a variety of on-the-job informal processes, such as mobile and handheld devices that account for 90 percent of how people really learn in the enterprise.
This particular excerpt is from the chapter titled "Week 1: Leveraging the Gratitude Principle." For aspiring entrepreneurs, Wallace recommends expressing your gratitude to people.
Mortgage finance bubble analysis includes two distinct facets of asset speculation: Exuberant borrowing to finance home and property purchases, as well as aggressive speculator leveraging in agency and mortgage-backed securities.
As "financial risk" is shifted to the consumer, the role of the health plan changes to that of an "infomediary"--an entity that adds value through leveraging its data assets to assist naive health-care consumers in making economically rational health-care purchasing decisions.
Before discussing how and why leveraging the Internet for your business is beneficial, it is important to define two key terms Internet and World Wide Web ("Web").
In recent years, the benefit of leveraging knowledge has been commonly discussed at numerous conferences.
I foresee a time when CPAs will be experts in all phases of leveraging information.
The best companies are attempting to capture enough quantification to assess their progress in leveraging the power of their intangible assets, and to more credibly communicate that value to all their stakeholders.
Many observers are hopeful that the rehearing that has been ordered by the Eleventh District Court in the Venice Hospital case will clear up a number of issues, including the viability of the monopoly leveraging cause of action and the requirement of consumer injury.
Several of these countries have been struggling with problems of debt burdens and excess leveraging similar to those in the United States.
This is the second of two reports on the leveraging of federal funds in housing and community and economic development programs.