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a formal reception of visitors or guests (as at a royal court)

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a pier that provides a landing place on a river

an embankment that is built in order to prevent a river from overflowing

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Elle a par ailleurs indique, en marge d'une reunion du parti Nidaa Tounes a Sousse, que la levee de l'immunite necessite la tenue d'une seance pleniere.
5 billion plan for a 56-mile levee system, concluding it would provide a nearly equivalent level of protection to another, more popular plan - called the "coastal spine" - while costing several billion dollars less.
Those looking for details on the levees can find more information below:
It's easy to see the trap they fell into: building levees causes sediments to accumulate in the river bed, raising the river higher, and making it more vulnerable to flooding, which requires you to build the levee higher, which causes the sediments to accumulate, and the process repeats itself.
Il a souligne, cependant, que la levee de la subvention aux cimenteries n'a eu aucun impact sur le prix du sac du ciment qui, au contraire, a baisse, selon ses dires.
Nous traitons, dans cet article, par le biais d'une revue de la litterature, des differents mecanismes physiopathologiques mis en jeu, ainsi que des principes du traitement du syndrome de levee d'obstacle, en montrant ses risques et ses difficultes.
In a separate investigation, Frost and Cascio were arrested as a result of a joint operation by the Louisiana State Levee District Police, Tensas Basin Levee District, inspectors from the department's Northeast Regional Office and the department's Criminal Investigation Division for alleged felonies and misdemeanors, which resulted in damage to the Ouachita River and the Ouachita River Levee.
The small town of Hamburg in southwest Iowa was evacuated yesterday, and a partial breach has appeared in the levee there, the Army Corps of Engineers said.
BUNCHE'S BEND, Louisiana: Water from the swollen Mississippi River poured over a century-old levee Thursday, flooding 4,900 hectares of corn and soybeans despite farmers' frantic efforts to shore up the structure.
In February, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate received letters from both the Senate and House expressing concerns about the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policy of calculating flood risk as if a levee does not exist when it has not been proven to secure a community to only a 1 percent-annual-chance of flood or less.
Lieutenant Governor Archibald hosted his first New Year's Levee on 02 January 1871 at Upper Fort Garry, where he established residence.
Rather than competing against major social media monitoring tools, Loudpixel's dashboard, Levee, works with these tools, importing data to an analysis dashboard that creates a set procedure for adding context to posts in order to report trends.
5 million line of credit to the Marysville Levee Commission, which plans to start work this year on the first of four phases of levee work, in cooperation with the state and the U.
Perilous Place, Powerful Storms begins with the history of New Orleans' chronic flood problem, which was accentuated as the city expanded into low-lying areas, that is, away from the natural levee.
New levee ratings could cost homeowners more in property insurance policies or make policies harder to get.