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a muscle that serves to lift some body part (as the eyelid or lip)

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Magnetic resonance imaging of the levator veli palatini muscle in speakers with repaired cleft palate.
In the differential diagnosis, bladder syndrome, vulvodynia, levator myalgia, piriformis syndrome, coxodynia, cauda equina syndrome, neuralgias and inflammation of other nerves such as obturator, genitofemoral, or ilioinguinal nerves should be considered.
Levator ani muscles and supralevator planes should also be included in the field of view as these anatomic sites may also be affected in the clinical course of anal disorders.
However, avulsion or macrotrauma of the levator (defined as disconnection of the puborectalis muscle from its insertion on the inferior ramus and pubis), and microtrauma causing pathological overdistension of the levator, are thought to play a role in some types of POP.[18,19] There is currently scant data describing the association between levator morphology and successful pessary use.
The task is to free the rectum with an intact mesorectum all around up to the level of the levators. It is easier to break up this task into three parts: posterior dissection, lateral (Right and Left) dissection, and anterior dissection.
Although the rate of perineal wound infections has been reduced with the aid of flaps,[6] several studies have reported that ELAPE may increase postoperative perineal morbidity such as chronic perineal pain, perineal wound infection, urinary retention, perineal herniation, and sexual dysfunction.[2],[3],[4],[7],[8],[9] In particular, chronic pain may be related to the coccygectomy, damage to the pudendal nerve, the wider excision of the levator ani muscles, and/or the suturing of the biological mesh close to the pelvic wall.[4],[9]
Pupil sphincter fibers are placed on the upper side of the rostrocaudal area and this is followed by inferior rectus, lower oblique, medial rectus, superior rectus and levator palpebra superioris nerve fibers.
Bulbar, extremity, and respiratory muscles are affected in generalized MG, whereas levator palpebra and orbicularis oculi muscles are affected in ocular MG.
The levator pits are ellipsoidal in shape and about 1.4 cm wide, however, their shape may have been modified by erosion.
Mechanically, the pelvic organ support system is of two types: supporting system of the levator ani (LA) muscle and the suspension system of the endopelvic fascia [1, 2].
Typical clinical findings in aponeurotic ptosis may include good levator muscle function, deep upper eyelid sulcus, and upper eyelid dermatochalasis [11].
It exists in complex with multiple independent subnuclei, controlling the superior, inferior, and medial rectus muscle, inferior oblique muscle, levator palpebrae superioris muscle, and sphincter pupillae, respectively.
Pelvic floor three-dimensional ultrasound indicated that residual urine was 40 ml, cervical length was 5.6 cm and internal orifice cervix was dilated, bladder neck displacement was 15 mm, posterior angle of bladder was 180 degree, and hiatus of levator antimuscle was 32 [cm.sup.2].