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Recovery of drug sensitivity by MS-209, a new multidrug resistance-reversing agent, on acute myelogenous leukaemic blasts and K562 cells resistant to adriamycin cell line.
Anti-proliferation assays of evodiamine on human leukaemic lymphoblast CCRF-CEM cells and CPT-resistant CCRF-CEM/C1 cells were performed and the [IC.sub.50] were 4.70 [+ or -] 0.34 [micro]M and 2.92 [+ or -] 0.12 [micro]M respectively (Fig.
Thrombocytopenia is commonly present, but a coagulopathy can also occur due to proteins with anticoagulant activity being released by the leukaemic blasts.
Peripheral venous blood and bone marrow aspirate samples of suspected leukaemic patients received at the Department of Pathology, G.
Conclusion: Human parvovirus-B19 infection is common in the population, with higher prevalence among leukaemic patients with significant association between human parvovirus-B19 and TEL-AML-
Furthermore, it has been shown recently that oxindole alkaloids exerted cytotoxic effect on acute leukaemic lymphoblastic cells by induction of apoptosis in both, proliferating and [G.sub.0]/[G.sub.1] arrested stages (Bacher et al.
"These findings show how detailed analysis of leukaemic cells using complementary techniques can enhance our understanding of the genetic basis of leukaemia," said co-author Cheryl Willman, director and CEO, University of New Mexico Cancer Research and Treatment Center.
have emerged as a significant cause of infection in a variety of immunocompromised hosts, but especially among HIV-infected patients, leukaemic patients and organ-transplant recipients.
Leukaemic intermediate lymphocytic lymphomas: analysis of twelve cases diagnosed by morphology.
Total parenteral nutrition and nutritional assessment in leukaemic children undergoing bone marrow transplant.
Pneumatic transport is critical for leukaemic patients with major leukocytosis: What precautions to measure lactate dehydrogenase, potassium and aspartate aminotransferase?
The understanding of the biological features of childhood leukaemia has increased over the past decade.12-14 The ability to discern genetic differences among morphologically and immunologically similar populations of leukaemic cells has helped to establish the basis for a revised classification of leukaemia.
Her leukaemic white blood cell count must be below five per cent before she can have the transplant.
Sub leukaemic leukemia was seen in 2 cases (3.4%), out of which after bone marrow aspiration we came to a conclusion of acute myelocytic leukaemia in 2 cases (3.4%) (Fig 2).