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General Practitioners (GPs); Practicing Paediatricians (PPs); World Health Organisation (WHO); American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP); Total Leucocyte Count (TLC); Differential Leucocyte Count (DLC).
In addition, patients receiving corticosteroid-containing therapies were excluded because corticosteroids may elevate leucocyte count.
Laboratory parameters such as C-reactive protein (CRP), total leucocytes count, and D-dimers, as well as the existence of consolidation in chest X-ray, were identified on admission.
Previous studies have not been carried out regarding variation of differential leucocyte count except neutrophils; we therefore, intend to investigate the variation in the leucocyte profile during different phases of the menstrual cycle.
Those excluded were patients with acute cerebrovascular disease, MI, pregnancy, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, COPD, haematological disorder, diabetes mellitus, acute or chronic disorders, cancer, or liver disease; those using anticoagulants or non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs); or those who had no leucocyte, neutrophil, MPV, CRP levels measured or ultrasonography performed the same day prior to the operation.
Data collected included demographics, comorbid disease, mass, diagnosis and disease involvement, duration of disease prior to CPM initiation, treatment prior to CPM initiation, baseline leucocyte and neutrophil counts, indication for CPM therapy, initial dosage, subsequent adjustment to dosing and indication for changes, cumulative total drug dose, concurrent immunosuppressive drug use, use of preventive therapy (isoniazid, co-trimoxazole, contraception and gonadal protection), documentation of counselling regarding contraception, occurrence of major side-effects and discontinuation due to drug toxicity.
Aims & Objectives: To find out age-wise Hb, BP, leucocyte (total/ differential) count, monocyte count, and eosinophil count in smokers.
The laboratory profile, including Hemoglobin, Total Leucocyte Count, Differential Leucocyte Count, Blood urea, S.
The leucocyte esterase test is a colorimetric test that detects specific byproducts of leucocytes in the urine.
The serum sodium levels were negatively correlated with acute phase reactants including leucocyte count (r=-0.
Total hip arthroplasty: Periprosthetic indium 111-labeled leucocyte activity and complementary technetium 99m sulfur colloid imaging in suspected infection.
Patients were observed for anastomotic leak in the postoperative period till the time of their discharge, observing four common presentations of anastomotic leak including raised total leucocyte count, perianastomotic free fluid collection, abscess and fistula.