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an athlete who has earned a letter in a school sport

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On the first week of his original late-night talk show, David Letterman appeared on the streets of New York with a microphone in hand.
From the past few times, AbRam too has become a part of this exchange, but this year was even special as the two were joined by one of America's most popular television hosts David Letterman. Standing right next to Shahrukh, Latterman smiled and waved at fans.
Mind you, this mini-feud, if you can call it that, isn't the same kind of bad blood that until recently flowed between the host of "Late Night with David Letterman" and Bryant Gumble, host of NBC's "Today" show.
Other guests who will be interviewed on this season of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman include Howard Stern, Jayz and Tina Fey while Barack Obama and George Clooney have already appeared on the show.
Letterman, 70, who officially retired in 2015 after a 22-year run as the host of "Late Show with David Letterman" -- a very American melange of celebrity interviews, monologues and sketches -- had said in August that he would be back in 2018 on Netflix.
One of the US most popular talk show host David Letterman is returning as host after two years with an upcoming yet-to-be-titled series on Netflix with new guests including Malala.
David Letterman's new show will entail six hour-long episodes and will air on Netflix from May 2018.Malala in 2014 became the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize winner and is an advocate of girls' education.
Zinoman suggests that Letterman is an enigma within the entertainment industry, describing him as "a talk-show host who didn't always seem to enjoy talking to people, a reserved man who spoke to millions of people every night, one of the most trusted entertainers of his time, whose ironic style kept emphasizing his own insincerity."
In Zinoman's description, Letterman was more an ironist than a radical, and his insurrection was carried out more often on the level of tone than that of substance.
TiVo looked at data from 156,000 of its users to figure out where late-night viewers took their loyalties after the end of "Late Show With David Letterman," "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," and the 2014 finales of "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" and "The Colbert Report." (TiVo left out ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" because of a lack of any real transition at that network.)
The studio audience gave Letterman a two-minute standing ovation at the start of his final show.
Despite persistent assumptions to the contrary, Letterman is actually not a Member of the Tribe.
BEGINNING WITH "LATE NIGHT" on NBC in 1982 and then with the "Late Show With David Letterman" on CBS in 1993, the gap-toothed, be-spectacled, Indiana-born "Dave" became America's most exceptional everyman--finding unconventional ways to point out the silliness of daily life.
Al Franken has urged David Letterman to run for the U.S.
DAVID Letterman has ripped into James Corden over his delayed debut as The Late Late Show host.