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Synonyms for letter box

a numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for

public box for deposit of mail

a private box for delivery of mail


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Similar incidents have been reported on social media in the past, with residents saying they heard a woman moaning through their letterboxes asking to be let in.
It is physically more demanding for posties to bend for these letterboxes and they also increase the risk of animal attacks.
They told me the key issue for their members - and it's not Brexit, it is low-level letterboxes and dangerous dogs."
In its latest internal study on burglaries in Ireland, the Garda found more than 100 cases involved car keys being "fished" through letterboxes between last July and December.
"We are even selling larger than standard letterboxes and looking at as many ways as possible to receive things through the post," said Mr Lawson.
HOMEOWNERS in Coventry are being warned to be on their guard after reports that crooks are 'fishing' through letterboxes to steal keys.
The letterboxes started life as mere slots outside post offices and are common in Cardiff and the surrounding areas.
Letterboxes are hidden in parks all over the country (letterboxing.org).
Packs designed to help people stop masses of leaflets being shoved through their letterboxes are being given out for free by Worcestershire County Council.
"Ideally, make sure they are out of sight and well away from windows, letterboxes and cat- flaps."
``If people want their pets not to be injured I would advise them to block up their letterboxes,'' said 62-year-old Gordon Musselwhite after the small claims hearing at Plymouth County Court.
With the help of riddle-like clues and hand-drawn maps, participants search for hidden letterboxes, while exploring areas of natural or historic interest.
Letterboxes: Use a brush-style letterbox draught excluder.
A WOMAN "crying through letterboxes" in Wirral in the early hours of the morning sparked fears of a bizarre robbery trick.