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Synonyms for letter-perfect

correct to the last detail


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Rinse out your ears, say each word aloud, and have at these letter-perfect clusters.
While termination may be the only way to end an employee relationship containing revengeful or obsessive-compulsive characteristics, if the termination isn't done in a letter-perfect manner, it results in the ex-employee's revenge mechanism.
While the Pub was able to deliver a few letter-perfect dishes, the meal as a whole was nothing to write home about.
The father and son are absolutely precise, refined, letter-perfect, I'm sure, but I found their playing almost too perfect, almost mechanically perfect.
Whether as the narrator-protagonist who sees what she doesn't want far more clearly than what she does, or as her well-meaning friends and family members, narrator Raudman is always pitch and letter-perfect. A charming, intelligent effort.
Akeelah (Keke Palmer) turns in a letter-perfect performance as a bright preteen who knows the costs schoolgirls can pay for being too smart but who discovers a talent and an appetite even her tired and resentful mother (Angela Bassett) can't dampen.
Read on for more buzz on bees, and to learn how Canada's letter-perfect bee winners spelled success.
But Wootters' work was letter-perfect and a joy to read.
Not five minutes in, Alexander was strutting down a makeshift runway in heels and a letter-perfect schoolmarm costume--a deliberate attempt, he says, to get the contestants comfortable about making a fool of themselves while trying to relearn how to walk.
Even in her 80s, she turned in letter-perfect columns every Monday, 28 pages typed on yellow newsprint paper.
Oleen Healthcare and Inter Valley Health Plan (November) get the Heroes in Writing award for a letter-perfect article submitted two weeks before deadline.
"Letter-Perfect Watercolors" is a "creative project structured for success," writes author-teacher Steve King.
In all six items, his enunciation was letter-perfect, his interpretations evocative and heartfelt.
The new man talked a splendid game before the start and told his assessor that it was only a matter of time before certain promotion would occur, because his knowledge of the laws was letter-perfect.
Still, no transition will be letter-perfect. It's likely that several of those leaders who don't get the top post will then move on.