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Each poem in Rizalpabeto corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. For instance, "Z" stands for the poem "Zero," about the Kilometer 0 marker fronting the Rizal monument at the Luneta; while the letter "A" is all about "Arte Metrica del Tagalog" (rhyme and meter of Tagalog), based on a paper on poetry that Rizal delivered to European anthropologists.
The reader is invited to search for objects, each of which begins with a letter of the alphabet. The author has provided an alphabetized list of illustrations at the end.
Produced in 1991, Alphabet is a set of bold and colourful silkscreen prints, one for each letter of the alphabet.
The glossary doesn't have its own search function, but (as with the others reviewed here) users can view a list of entries beginning with each letter of the alphabet. This can be easier if exact spelling is unknown.
For his part, The New York Times' Tom Kuntz weighed in with at least one word beginning with every letter of the alphabet. Some of the selections are:
Each virtue begins with a letter of the alphabet, and is described in a short chapter.
A byte is the electronic representation of one letter of the alphabet, and a petrabyte is a quadrillion--1,000,000,000,000,000--bytes.
Find something in nature that begins with each letter of the alphabet. Before leaving for the hike, write the letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper.
Find an artist for every letter of the alphabet? Well, they came close ...
There is a carved animal for each letter of the alphabet (including the letters unique to the Spanish alphabet, such as n with a tilde), in this colorful and inventive way for teaching a young child their ABCs.
A favorite of children who revel in loud sounds, this truck explodes with a loud "BURRRP!" and "makes room for ALPHABET SOUP." Ingredients of the soup are, you guessed it, garbage representing each letter of the alphabet, right in the middle of the book!
"The Simplest Zoo To Do" is a coloring book by Bill Rivard that is quite cleverly designed to engage preschool and kindergarten children in learning the alphabet while completing and coloring in the pages, each one of which is an animal whose name begins with a particular letter of the alphabet. Having to guess from the completed picture what the animal is called will help to reinforce both the meaning of the individual letters and their linear order.
Robins, Dinosaur Alphabet is a marvelous ABC picturebook in which each letter of the alphabet corresponds to the name of a different dinosaur.
A brief, rhyming couplet accompanies each letter of the alphabet, and most entries are followed by a prose explanation of words or terms that may be unfamiliar to a child.
Written and illustrated by sixteen year old Kristin Joy Pratt, A Swim Through The Sea is the creative and imaginative ABC board book the features Seamore the Seahorse as he explores the wonderful underwater ocean life with each depicted creature also representing a letter of the alphabet. Carrying preschoolers and kindergarteners from A to Z, Kristin's A Swim Through The Sea offers a delightful presentation of twenty-four interesting and beautifully drawn aquatic life forms and is a thoroughly fun approach to learning.