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a man who delivers the mail

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He uses a rapid, loud, excited bark when he sees the pizza deliveryman or our letter carrier walking up to the door.
Food Lion, the Lowcountry Food Bank and the National Association of Letter Carriers are scheduled to host the 27th annual National Association of Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive on Saturday.
"After researching our family we found a lovely description of him where it is recorded that 'James McClure was a man who by his punctuality, his integrity, his benevolence and the uniform uprightness of his character conferred respectability on the humble station of a letter carrier. "He was the constant and faithful friend of the poet Burns, and after his death was the most active and successful in his endeavours to promote the interests of the family.'" Meanwhile, Dumfries Burns Club led the commemmoration to the Bard last week with a morning service and wreathlaying ceremony.
Rick Onder, a letter carrier in Pittsburgh, described an elderly woman on his route whom he has helped multiple times after she's fallen and not been able to get back up.
Likewise, to refer to "three arrows" wrongly implies that one is familiar with all things that share the characteristic of "three-ness." In the example of embedded clauses above, the embedded bit "I saw" in the sentence "The dog that I saw bit the letter carrier" does not work in Piraha because it implies that I am familiar with all dogs--seen and unseen by me--and, of course, I am not.
No full-time letter carriers will lose their jobs as a result of the change, said Todd Skulnik, a USPS communications coordinator for the New Hampshire and Vermont region.
During his time as letter carrier, in 1775, the people of the growing port of Liverpool applied to the Post Office for more postmen to be appointed.
Letter carrier and poet Braden throws fuel into the contemporary debate about religion, government, and The Founding Fathers by presenting the correspondence between the second and third US presidents on religion and related themes from 1787 to 1826.
A letter carrier, an egg artist and the Rotary District Governor ...
As a letter carrier for twenty-three years, I am a lot less interested in who wants to be part of the AFL-CIO or the Change to Win Coalition than I am with the profound apathy that dominates many of the existing unions.
On the back write, "Dear Letter Carrier, Please mail this postcard as soon as you see it."
An unlocked outer box is for outgoing mail pickups by the letter carrier. The incoming mail slot is a roomy 10-1/2 in.x 2-3/4 in., so most packages and mail will fit through it.
I retired from the postal service as a letter carrier, complete with the usual debilitating effects one can expect from a lifetime of physical labor: carpal tunnel in both wrists, arthritis in my hands and knees, tendonitis in both shoulders, a back that resembles twisted rebar, a hip that appears to have a destination of its own, and a slight list to the side of my body that shouldered a thirty-five-pound mail satchel for more years than I care to admit.
A library in Hopkinton, Massachusetts has received a share of a trust fund from the estate of a retired letter carrier.
You wouldn't let a letter carrier interrupt you every time he brought you a letter - turn off the sound and notification features for new e-mail.