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without energy

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The suspense grew more slowly than the hairs on a nun's legs, as his deadpan psychopath ambled lethargically through this moribund tale of an obsessive assistant in a photographic shop, and I soon realised that this was a thriller that had had a thrill-ectomy before release.
Two fat beads sat at the top of the window, lethargically making their way down into the shadows, rallying support as they went by, engulfing smaller droplets and shooting forwards with the sudden burst of stolen energy.
"We started off lethargically, and our build-up play was not good.
An assistant looks up lethargically from re-arranging the pick 'n' mix to say: ""There's no towels, the order never came in this week.""
"She also went down to the start lethargically, and in the race she was off the bridle early on.
The British fourth seed began lethargically and Burrieza immediately broke to go ahead.
Stait said Dunwoody reported that Princeful had jumped lethargically in the back straight as they had not been going fast enough.
Nobody coasted through the first 70 minutes more lethargically than Ginola, who took eight minutes and 25 seconds to get his first touch of the ball, and spent the next hour swanning around as if he would rather avoid it.
As the lamp heats up, the brightly coloured wax rises to the surface and then drops lethargically as it cools.
Laid-back Lombardo sunk lethargically and then shot down in equally clinical fashion the suggestion he'd been too palatial for Premiership newcomers Palace.
On a sweltering hot day, the restaurant car's air conditioning was as out of condition as the staff, lethargically serving warm fruit juice with warm ice (ie, no ice) when I arrived for breakfast.
He cited TuasOne as a case in point, where MHI is being offered more money to take over without Utico approval and in the case of Qurrayat plant in Oman, a default situation is being prolonged with Hyflux and the SPV management acting lethargically and illogically.
As United players lethargically limped to Europa League football on Sunday afternoon, there was a glaring contrast within the optimism of Axel Tuanzebe.
4 BOWLING DEPARTMENT: Liam Plunkett started the season lethargically, with modest showings in four-day and 50-over cricket but took six wickets in his last two appearances.
For the rest, the momentum was tremendously slow and there was next to no tension in the many dramatic moments: Alberich snatched the small piece of coveted gold hidden from inside a rubber tire; the Nibelungs dragged themselves about lethargically in a minimalist subterranean cavern; we had to imagine the serpent and the toad for ourselves.