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Synonyms for lethargic

Synonyms for lethargic

Synonyms for lethargic

deficient in alertness or activity


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"If anybody finds their dog can't stop panting or is lethargic, they should bring them in to the vet just to be on the safe side."
The notes and conversations with the healthcare workers showed a lethargic response by the administration to the concerns raised by the workers on why babies were dying in the newborn unit.
It is also irony that the district administration had not launched any operation against the quacks who were spreading the disease which was proof of the lethargic behaviour of the district administration, the PMA members said.
"I think to start with we looked a bit boss Hughes vulnerable, we looked a bit lethargic, maybe it did play a part in it.
The pace is so lethargic that the film's 110-minute running time begins to feel like an eternity.
minimal food and training you tired and lethargic. Be sensible and you In other words, do something different at that time, eg go for a walk, read, watch some-thing funny on TV.
The polling process remained lethargic during first part of the day but it slightly picked up in the second half.
After a lethargic stage of relations over the past few years which turned 'colder' following the 2006 murder near Kuala Lumpur of Mongolian citizen Altantuya Shaariibuu, Malaysia is keen to revive its bilateral ties with Mongolia.
An RSPCA officer attended the property to collect a very lethargic, cold and discoloured snake.
Furthermore, the weak, soft and lethargic approach of the government towards handling terror acts has been the root cause of the free demonstration of attacks by the terrorists in recent times.
The two students' Friday overdose incident started when teachers noticed the "lethargic" duo not "acting right" at school.
Summary: New Delhi [India], September 4 (ANI): A Delhi court on Monday pulled up the police and called their action "lethargic" in the issue of de-sealing of the Leela Hotel room, where Congress leader Shashi Tharoor's wife Sunanda Pushkar was found dead, back in 2014.
"I think we looked lethargic and didn't get to those second balls.
The parliamentary secretary said that lethargic lifestyle was causing various diseases now.
He asked them not to live on the dead past as the government has rooted out the corruption and lethargic attitudes that existed in the past.