let up

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  • verb

Synonyms for let up

become less in amount or intensity

reduce pressure or intensity

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First up is Hong Kong and we don't want any let ups in that match, which we should win without any discomfort."
But there are let ups in the wails, namely the dark Breeders-esque Human and the Motown-tinged Nothing Stays The Same which works like a dream.
Don't let UPS charge us for their dishonest employees.
The set started at brisk pace as Koreans were more aggressive and determined to clinch the doubles to keep the tie alive, while Aisam and Aqeel, who were fully aware of the fact that they couldn't afford any let ups and had to win the doubles to ensure victory, played superb tennis and fought for each and every point till the end.
And Belo hopes that there won't be any let ups for the Accelerators come Game 2.