let the cat out of the bag

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But he may just have come round to pick something up.'" Realising he had said too much, Rod said: "B***, I let the cat out of the bag."
Maybe Kate....did let the cat out of the bag this week, but I think she should leave the dog out of it.
Perhaps in the attempt to enforce the council's current mantra of "Always look on the bright side of life", someone close to home let the cat out of the bag too early and the ECHO cannot be blamed for that, can they?
Ronnie throws a surprise 30th birthday party for Roxy - well, it would be a surprise if Jack didn't let the cat out of the bag. Still, Ronnie forgives him and it's clear there's still a spark between them.
According to training, once the suspect has "let the cat out of the bag," the interrogating officer should provide the Miranda warnings and ask the suspect for a waiver.
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