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grant exemption or release to

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The Beds, Cambs and Herts (BCH) Roads Policing Unit posted about the incident on Twitter and seems the offender was let off without penalty for the reason he provided.
With the situation remaining tense, a vehicle drove past the Tin Shui Wai police station at around 2:30 am (local time) and let off several fireworks at the crowd, sending the people scurrying for cover.
Mark, who lives at another property in Bwlch, said he expects to be able to move into the house within the next two to three months - and is hoping the cannon will be let off.
The dog and the owner were released in the town of Nandurbar on Monday evening and "let off with a warning," the official added.
No one among those behind polio drams will be let off', he added.
As a result OFTHURSDAY's operation, one driver was issued with a fixed penalty notice for passing the two unmarked police cyclists on the wrong side of a keep left bollard, A driver, behind the wheel of a large road sweeping vehicle, was let off with a warning for shouting at the cyclists, telling them to use the cycle lane or pavement.
NANTES have been fined more than PS14,000 after their fans let off flares in tribute to Emiliano Sala.
AN 11-YEAR-OLD boy has been rushed to hospital after a firework was let off - injuring his abdomen and hand.
To be fair, firework crackers were let off to try to scare the birds away from ground zero, but like us poor mortals they had no safe haven to go to.
Atalanta were fined 34,000 ($42,000) after fans let off fireworks and threw objects, and because of blocked stairways.
Summary: A passenger busted for smuggling over 100 new iPhones into Beirut was let off the hook after "some money was paid," a high-ranking airport source told The Daily Star Tuesday.
A five-year-old Haredi student was let off a school bus on a busy road in Beit She mesh.
The arrested villagers were later let off with a stern warning and on payment of fine of Rs500 (Dh28) each.
At an Old Firm Scottish Cup clash in April at least 60 pyrotechnics were let off When the Record asked the SFA and SPFL for comment on the possibility of Scottish clubs being given the power to sue fans, neither wanted to comment.
OFFENCE -- Senior officials in nexus with arms dealers sold around 17 weapons PUNISHMENT-- Forfeiture of pay hike and seniority ranging from three to one year and " severe reprimand" OFFENCE-- As many as 46 officers sold weapons without authority's sanction PUNISHMENT-- Forfeiture of pay hike and seniority of two years and fine of ` 500 OFFENCE -- As many as 25 officers posted in Indian Military Training Team ( IMRAT), Bhutan, imported ammunition in excess of their authorisation PUNISHMENT-- a note of severe displeasure LET OFF LIGHTLY Court was giving verdict in a PIL filed in 2007 by lawyer Arvind Sharma, who alleged " widespread nexus" involving Army officers and arms dealers.