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in case


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I am just going to call him, senora," said Leonela; "but you must first give me that dagger, lest while I am gone you should by means of it give cause to all who love you to weep all their lives.
Compose yourself, senora, and endeavour to calm your excitement lest my lord find you agitated; and leave the rest to my care and God's, who always supports good intentions.
Now I remembered that I must not be seen thus by men, lest they should think me a wizard and kill me.
The funding awarded through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP150) will enable Tourisme Waterloo des Cantons de lEst to repave some of the bike path sections, shift the path in certain spots, improve the lighting and install some fixed urban furniture.
This expanding civil-military conflict is dangerous for the country that is facing security challenges therefore nothing should be allowed to further deteriorate civil-military relations lest it damages the national interests, he said.
Shaikha Mariam and Dr Michele Bambling, the Creative Director of Lest We Forget, spoke with Gulf News about how the book, and the concept behind it, were developed and the book's role in preserving traditions.
the top five lest favourable nations were North Korea, Israel, Iran, Pakistan and Nigeria.
Hisham Zaman, the Kurdish-Norwegian filmmaker who picked up a Black Pearl for his short "Bawke" at Abu Dhabi's inaugural lest in 2007, returned triumphant this year with his full-length "Before Snowfall," which won the prize for best film from the Arab World.
Lest We Forget, an award-winning project in which students "adopt" a person whose name appears on their local World War I cenotaph, relies heavily on LAC's Ottawa-based Learning Centre.
We have TEN copies of the Lest We Forget set to be won today.
Lest "Fish" forget his lofty goals, his father has taped homilies throughout their house.
Lest this sound unrelentingly grim, rest assured that Jokes succeeds as both a page-turning read and a hilariously revelatory memoir.
Lest readers should misinterpret his conclusion, Matras states at the end of chapter 16: "Footnote--Scientific space programs must continue to ensure United States leadership in space technology, well into our future.
Plus, flue gas temperatures must not be lowered too dramatically, says Romero, lest acids form in the gas, creating corrosion in the smokestack.
addiction" to imported oil, lest they be accused of being in Big Oil's hip pocket.