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one of the bony prominences developed near the upper extremity of the femur to which muscles are attached

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Anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS), ischial tuberosity (IT), and anterior inferior iliac spine (AIIS) avulsion fractures are more prevalent, (4) while lesser trochanter avulsion fractures are more rare.
Subtrochanteric fractures, in which lesser trochanter is not comminuted off proximal femur.
4%), and too much of the lesser trochanter was seen (22.
During the operation for these patients, bone defects on top of the lesser trochanter, and deficiency of prosthesis in proximal weight-bearing could be noted.
These measurements were generated at the five levels of proximal femur as the mid-shaft, the isthmus, the lesser trochanter point, and the proximal and distal borders of the lesser trochanter.
Central compartment release versus lesser trochanter release of the iliopsoas tendon for the treatment of internal snapping hip: A comparative study.
Ischiofemoral impingement (IFI) is characterized by a narrowed space between the ischial tuberosity and the lesser trochanter resulting in repetitive impingement of the quadratus femoris muscle (Figure 4).
The origins are on the lumbar vertebrae (psoas major and psoas minor muscles) and the inner pelvis (iliacus muscle) and inserts into the lesser trochanter on the femur.
10,13) Recent studies have identified a type of ischiofemoral impingement where QF is reportedly compressed between the ischium-hamstring tendon origin and the lesser trochanter.
Close intramedullary nailing has become standard of treatment for femoral shaft fractures4 from just below the lesser trochanter to 10 cm above the knee joint in adolescents and adults5, 6.
4,15) Loss of flexion strength has been described immediately postoperatively, but full return to play is expected after psoas tendon release, both at the capsular level and at the lesser trochanter.
Patients with fracture of femur between inferior margin of lesser trochanter and upper border of a square containing the distal end of the femur, closed and grade I open fracture were included.
As it is shown in figure, femoral bone is composed of head, neck, greater and lesser trochanter, body, medial and lateral condyles.
First, there were a lot of reports in Singapore of unusual hip fractures before the lesser trochanter, [with] unusual x-ray changes," Dr.
amputate at the level of the lesser trochanter as this provides a buttock contour and once the stump has healed the patient is able to sit comfortably.