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Synonyms for lesion

Synonyms for lesion

any localized abnormal structural change in a bodily part

an injury to living tissue (especially an injury involving a cut or break in the skin)

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3,6) Fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 (FGFR3) plays a key role in SK lesion development.
Among the malignant lesions, invasive ductal carcinomano special type (IDC-NST) is the most common malignant lesion.
1,2 Frequency of Oral lesion is variable from population to another, and knowledge of disease prevalence in a geographic place will upgrade the preventive measures.
on histopathology as various types of astrocytoma [3; 50%] metastatic lesion [2; 33.
Over the past two decades, various new methods have been developed to sonographically evaluate the stiffness of a lesion.
Exam findings more worrisome for malignancy include tenderness over site of lesion, an associated mass, tender lymph nodes, cafe au lait spots, and cutaneous hemangiomas.
A "substantial proportion" of malignant lesions are found incidentally among patients referred to dermatologists for a different lesion flagged by the referring physician or health care professional, according to a report published in the May issue of the journal.
The study findings clearly demonstrate that assessment of a single specific lesion of concern - which is typical in teledermatology - may lead to "underdiagnosis of clinically significant lesions that are not appreciated by the referring physician.
Seven areas on each foot received a severity score from 0 to 2 for each type of lesion (0 = no lesion, 1 = mild to moderate lesion, 2 = severe lesion).
The opening portion of the book, a clinical overview, is similar to an atlas of oral pathology, dividing orofacial lesion information into tables according to the clinical appearance (white lesions, red lesions, ulcerated lesions, etc.
The type of impairment associated with neurofibromas depends largely on the site of the lesion.
A 69-year-old woman was examined on October 30, 1996, for a skin lesion on her left thigh.
While an international team of investigators involved in the Society-funded MS Lesion Project pushes for the big answer, its researchers are coming closer to understanding why some people respond to certain kinds of therapies--and not to others.
A 50-year-old male railroad worker presented to his primary care physician with an erythematous, tender skin lesion on the right knee; a biopsy of this lesion revealed squamous cell carcinoma in situ.
The scientists suspect that the drug treatment promotes lesion healing by boosting a woman's immunity.