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100 lepta equal 1 drachma in Greece

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Systems constituted by purely leptonic matter are an example of a sector where experimental results related to the time reversal symmetry--and to discrete symmetries in general--remain rare.
Abstract: We describe new implementations of leptonic and hadronic models for the broadband emission from relativistic jets in AGN in a temporary steady state.
In the leptonic theory, a proton is a tightly bound state of two positrons and one electron where the binding force is primarily magnetic.
Global analysis of neutrino masses, mixings and phases: Entering the era of leptonic CP violation searches.
This changes by the addition of discrete symmetry that controls the pattern of the leptonic mass matrix [37-39]; for a review on the subject see, e.g., [40, 41].
Key to understanding this relationship is the unification between leptonic neutrinos and gluons.
However, it is important to keep in mind that other classes of sources (e.g., pulsar wind nebulae for leptonic CRs [94], OB associations [95], and X-ray binaries [96]) and several other acceleration mechanisms have been proposed as well.
"Positronium, the bound state of the electron and positron, is a purely leptonic state--it is effectively free of hadronic and weak-interaction effects" [2], and its annihilation is calculated with high precision in QED.
in terms of the leptonic weak current ([J.sup.-]), as well as the hadronic vector (V) and axial.vector (A) currents.
Moreover, the leptonic decay constants of the vertices are [mathematical expression not reproducible], and [mathematical expression not reproducible] [27]
Examples of observables of this kind are the electric dipole moments of the neutron and atoms, and T-odd correlations in leptonic and semileptonic decays.
By considering the isospin symmetric modes of the measured channels, we can estimate the lower limits on the leptonic partial width of the Y(4220) and Y(4390) decays.
Looking at the distribution of the leading lepton and the peak of the distribution we suggest that the leading lepton is coming from the leptonic decay of W.