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the two innermost layers of the meninges

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Vitreous humor and a swab of the leptomeninges collected at autopsy were sent to Wadsworth Center.
Nódulos subpiais, contíguos à leptomeninge, foram observados em conformidade com outros dados (Alencar e Elejalde, 1960; Da Mata et al.
Pigmented lesions of the leptomeninges includes pigmented meningioma, metastatic malignant melanoma, primary malignant melanoma, meningeal melanocytoma, melanotic schwannoma, and melanoblastosis.
A segment of cerebellar leptomeninges was expanded by a large focus of caseous debris and enveloped by aggregates of heterophils surrounded by epithelioid macrophages (Figs 5 through 7).
Within the brain; the leptomeninges were enlarged and fibrotic at the cortex area.
Blood vessels within the leptomeninges overlying the area of necrosis in the occipital lobe and left cerebellar hemisphere contained thromboemboli with microscopic features similar to the thrombus identified within the right vertebral artery (Figure 3).
8) Intramedullary metastases may result from hematogenous spread or from direct extension from the leptomeninges.
23,24) Pericellular reticulin invariably occurs where tumor cells invade the leptomeninges.
Haematogenous spread occurs to the brain parenchyma or leptomeninges and can result in meningitis, abscess or granuloma formation and infarction [27].
The term superficial siderosis is used to describe the haemosiderin deposition on the surface of the brain, spinal cord, brainstem and cranial nerve leptomeninges following recurrent subarachnoid haemorrhage.
Primary intracranial melanoma is thought to arise from melanocyte cell rests of neural crest origin that are distributed within the leptomeninges.
The MRI of the brain may show enhancement of leptomeninges and periventricular areas, or both, but often is negative (CDC, 2004d; Petersen & Martin, 2002; Sejvar, et al.
Eighty percent of patients present with stage four disease and most develop extranodal spread occasionally involving the leptomeninges.
2] synthase (7), is another brain-specific protein that is produced mainly in the leptomeninges and the choroid plexus and is secreted into the CSF.
tumors of the leptomeninges, which is the lining of the brain and the spinal cord).