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Synonyms for leptodactylid

toothed frogs: terrestrial or aquatic or arboreal

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Villa J, McDiarmid RW and Gallardo JM (1982) Arthropod predators of leptodactylid frog foam nests.
1992; leptodactylid frogs: Littlejohn and Robertson 1975) rather than within species.
Unexpected phylogenetic positions of the genera Rupirana and Crossodactylodes reveal insights into the biogeography and reproductive evolution of leptodactylid frogs.
Biology of a sit-and-wait predator, the Leptodactylid frog Ce ratophrys cornuta.
The Rio Grande chirping frog (Syrrhophus cystignathoides campi) is a direct-developing leptodactylid, which accidentally has been introduced into San Antonio and Houston from its native Mexico and lower Rio Grande Valley, probably via potted plants (Dixon, 1987).
The Rio Grande chirping frog, Syrrhophus cystignathoides campi Stejneger, 1915, is a small leptodactylid anuran that ranges naturally from Cameron and Hidalgo counties of the lower Rio Grande valley of Texas southward to northeastern Mexico (Dixon, 1987; Conant and Collins, 1991).
spectans is known to infect the bufonids Rhinella crucifer (Wied-Neuwied, 1821), Rhinella icterica (Spix, 1824), and Rhinella schneideri (Werner, 1894) and the leptodactylid Leptodactylus latrans (Steffen, 1815) (Vicente et al.
A review of the leptodactylid frog genus Pseudopaludicola in northern South America.
Stomachs of 20 specimens contained various bufonid and leptodactylid anurans, mainly unidentifiable to species.