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chronic granulomatous communicable disease occurring in tropical and subtropical regions

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The following terms were used and adapted for each database (15, 16): leprosy, leprosies, Hansen, leprotic, leprae, lepra and chemoprophylaxis, contact *, families, family, relative *, prophylaxis, chemoprevention.
With the clinical picture, a diagnosis of leprotic nerve abscess was made.
Various inflammatory mediators play a role in the development of the leprotic patches, consisting of lymphocytes, mast cells and foamy macrophages.
Some of the areas of concern include understanding pathogenesis; genetic and immunological basis of disease manifestation; pathogenesis and management of leprotic neuropathy; new and effective antileprotic drugs; and vaccines against leprosy.
A 25-year PubMed based review of the relevant publications sheds light on the epidemiology, presentation and the use of treatment modalities in patients with leprotic nerve abscesses.