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chronic granulomatous communicable disease occurring in tropical and subtropical regions

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His leprosy alone would prevent their laying hands upon him, while his reputation as a witch-doctor rendered him doubly immune from attack.
Arthur, Tom, and East were together one night, and read the story of Naaman coming to Elisha to be cured of his leprosy.
She then put on the spectacles and read certain passages aloud from a book--sternly, fiercely, wrathfully--praying that her enemies (she made them by her tone and manner expressly hers) might be put to the edge of the sword, consumed by fire, smitten by plagues and leprosy, that their bones might be ground to dust, and that they might be utterly exterminated.
THE National Tuberculosis, Leprosy and Buruli Ulcer Control Programme (NTBLCP), on Saturday in Abuja, organised a road walk to sensitise residents of FCT on the dangers of leprosy.
KARACHI -- Secretary Health Sindh Dr Fazlullah Pechuho on Monday urged to the people to eliminate stigma attached to leprosy disease, saying there is need to create public awareness to minimize the burden of this disease.
KARACHI -- Speakers at an event marking World Leprosy Day on Monday said the eradication of leprosy was being successfully achieved through concerted efforts in the country, which had been initiated and spearheaded by Dr Ruth Pfau throughout her life.
KARACHI -- The Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre (MALC) has been working for elimination of leprosy , TB and blindness from Pakistan for the last 65 years.
In 1982, we reported that leprosy in New York City occurred exclusively among foreign-born persons (1).
Summary: Kalaburagi (Karnataka) [India], October 15 (ANI): Setting an example of selfless service, an auto-rickshaw driver, Hanmanth Huvanna Devnoor, helps leprosy patients lead a dignified life.
Leprosy is a chronic granulomatous disease affecting principally the nerves and the skin, caused by M.
KARACHI -- Glowing tributes were paid to Dr Ruth Pfau, the Leprosy healer and a symbol of selflessness and devotion to Leprosy patients, at a memorial meeting held at Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) here on Thursday.
ISLAMABAD -- People from different walks of life on Saturday paid tributes to Dr Ruth Pfau, lauding her patriotism and service to humanity and eradication of leprosy from Pakistan.
Leprosy is a chronic granulomatous infectious multisystem disease that may present with protean manifestations.
Seropositive leprosy individuals have a tendency to experience a change into leprosy lepromatous type.
Leprosy is one of the oldest chronic infectious diseases, and permanent and progressive disability and psychological sequelae are consequences of untreated leprosy.