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It should be noted that some of the intercepts from this area, in addition to North Ravensthorpe, include a small proportion of the lithium-bearing mineral lepidolite, in addition to spodumene.
Geochronologists formerly dated feldspar and the K-bearing mica minerals biotite, muscovite, and lepidolite by the [sup.
London and Evensen, 2002); (3) an increase in the Ca content of the fluids by interaction with the host schist; (4) an increase in host-rock permeability or porosity reflecting either rock type differences or fracture propagation related to deformation accommodating cooling of the granite pluton below; (5) precipitation of lepidolite within the vein selvage, removing F (ligand) and Li (buffer) from the fluids; or (6) simply because of decreases in pressure and/or temperature.
Other minerals containing significant F concentrations are topaz, lepidolite, zinnwaldite, and the mica group (Robinson and Edgington 1946).
Amethyst, lepidolite and purple fluorite stones can alleviate these conditions.