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skintight knit hose covering the body from the waist to the feet worn by acrobats and dancers and as stockings by women and girls

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You'll rarely find soloist Julia Rowe in the same look, "For something like The Sleeping Beauty, I'll wear pink tights, a leotard and a tutu, but for more contemporary pieces, I'll wear shorts and bare legs or a biketard for rehearsals," she says.
Each American Olympic gymnast receives 12 training leotards and eight competition leotards which are heavily embellished with Swarovski crystals.
The website, aptly named Leotards for Girls, was set up in the summer of 2012.
A large amount of stolen property was found in the boot: all five occupants were wearing specially adapted leotards which allowed them to conceal goods.
The skintight leotards had holes cut into them to enable stolen items to be hidden.
TAKING IT LYING DOWN: The League of Health and Beauty at a session at the Top Rank Suite in Dale End, Birmingham, in 1973; and (below) the Spring Body Shop at Cannon Hill in 1986; and dance teachers at a special training course in Birmingham in 1986 HAVING A BALL: Janet Martin shows footballer Ian Pinner how to stay in shape to disco music in 1983; and keep fit at Aston Villa Leisure Centre in 1983 - with Joy Carn's baby watching LEOTARD LADIES: The ladies of Body Images in 1984; and members of the Warwickshire keep fit team at John Wilmott School in 1987
They all have their own different coloured leotards at the moment but to have the same would help them feel like a team," the 48-yearold added.
In a saucy leotard with only a small heart across her left breast, Pink took to the skies for song Sober, performing trapeze moves that were as professional as the expert alongside her.
PACKING A PAUNCH: Galloway and Burns in their leotards
The holy-peep-show/sideshow vibe continues in the next Madge altar, which features the limber celebrity on a grimy table (in leotard, fishnets, and baby-blue heels), with her foot behind her head, uncannily echoing the anatomical drawing on the wall: a digitally palpitating kidney.
Dancing with music and without it, barefoot and shod, clothed in leotards and in hoop skirts.
Fitness-mad Di wears a vibrant array of crop tops, thong knickers, hot pants and cut-out leotards under her trademark sweatshirts.
As a result, this season's leotards, biketards, t-shirts, leggings, bra tops and brief are essentially canvasses of anatomy art.
There will also be a boutique, offering parents the chance to purchase the necessary leotards and gymnastics accessories their superstar will need.
By the time Halzack's ready to rehearse, she's shed her layers in an effort to be more aware of her body's movements and lines-preferring colorful leotards like this bright blue option.