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female leopard

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On October 4, the leopardess was gunned down and a fresh operation was launched to nab the second leopard.
The spoor also says she has two cubs, big and hungry yearlings, who demand the leopardess kills often to feed their growing appetites.
While the Little Ones presumably come from Bulika, brought to the orchard valley by the white leopardess Astarte or by their own mothers to save them from Lilith's program of infanticide, some of them grow into bad giants--possibly Bulikans without the cultural advantages of civilization
Or, more precisely, Stoneman's housekeeper Lydia Brown, described as "a mulatto, a woman of extraordinary animal beauty and the fiery temper of a leopardess," presides over his home (57).
When Norton first met Cleo, "he fancied that he saw a young leopardess from an African jungle looking at him through the lithe, graceful form of a Southern woman," where we understand that a Southern woman is a white woman (Dixon, 1912, p.
She has the "fiery temper of a leopardess" and the "restless eyes of a leopardess.
Bare-breasted Galas glides like a maddened leopardess, dripping blood, screaming sometimes wordlessly and sometimes in tongues, transfixing an audience that knows AIDS as the uninvited guest who smashed up the party and has stayed on.