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small spotted wildcat of southern Asia and Malaysia

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The leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) is a small wild cat native to South and East Asia.
2009) to generate baseline information on the presence and distribution of leopard cats based on trail sampling, sign surveys and local interviews.
We evaluated the reliability of identifying leopard cats from their spot patterns following a double-blind observer identification protocol designed for pumas Puma concolor by Kelly et al (2008) and later applied to striped hyenas Hyaena hyaena by Harihar et al.
A spokesman for the US Attorney's office claimed Mulloy, who reportedly hid the leopard cats in his backpack, had slipped through the airport unnoticed, after which is sister arrived to help move the cats.
Zoologist and trapper Quentin Rose said that in the last six years he had identified 27 reliable reports of leopards and 32 of pumas, along with 18 smaller members of the cat family - jungle cats, leopard cats and ocelots.
In the last six years he had identified 27 reliable reports of leopards, 32 of puma and 18 smaller members of the cat family jungle cats, leopard cats and ocelots.
Rabinowitz has traveled the world on behalf of wildlife conservation and over the years has studied jaguars, clouded leopards, Asiatic leopards, tigers, Sumatran rhinos, bears, leopard cats, raccoons, and civets.
The Bengal cat breed was first developed in the United States in 1963 when leopard cats were crossed with domestic cats in an attempt to prevent wild cats from being exploited for the fur market, as well as dangerous wild cats being kept as pets.
Leopard cats are considered to have generally stable populations, except for a few subspecies that are close to extinction.
Seen in another Jeypore-Dehing camera-trap picture, the leopard cat is a diminutive and distant relative of the better-known spotted predator from which it takes its name.
For good looks it is hard to beat the Bengals, who were developed as crosses between Asian Leopard cats and domestic cats and who have a fabulous spotted coat.
During 1996 to 1997, CPV-2a/2b-related viruses were isolated from Asian small wildcats, leopard cats (Felis bengalensis), in Vietnam and Taiwan (11,35).
CPV-2c-type viruses have been isolated only from leopard cats but not from domestic cats in the same area.
Besides one-horned Rhinos, the other major wild attractions include a significant presence of Indian elephants, tigers, Indian bison, swamp deer, leopard cats, capped langurs, wild boars and buffalos, pythons and a wide variety of other wild animals and birds.
Jaguars, jungle cats, golden cats and leopard cats have all been spotted in the UK.