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small spotted wildcat of southern Asia and Malaysia

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The leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) is a small wild cat native to South and East Asia.
Cheyne & Macdonald (2011) used natural variation in fur markings for identifying leopard cat individuals, but could not estimate their density due to limited sample size.
All three species, leopard (Panthera pardus), leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) and Himalayan black bear (Ursus thibetanus) are listed in Schedule I of Wildlife Protection Act.
This is created by the combination of rosettes from the Asian Leopard Cat and the domestic classic tabby pattern to produce a 'marbleized' look, one or more colors swirled into the base colors.
Some are already in the wild in isolated populations, while others, including racoons, the leopard cat and the American beaver, could gain footholds in the future.
The 41 animals include cougar, bobcat, lynx, serval, South American Geoffroy's cat, Asian jungle cat, Asian leopard cat and African caracal.
The elusive mountain cat is comparable in size to an American bobcat, possesses slightly larger ears, and is generally considered an isolated relative of Southeast Asia's leopard cat.
Set several thousand years ago in southern India, this is the tale of an Asian leopard cat called Billi, who observes the daily activities of the "two-foots" from his favorite branch high up in the mango orchard.
The Bengal kittens have an Asian Leopard Cat as their father and as a result are said to be extremely sought after.
Sugden's mother, Jean Mill of Covina, developed the Bengal breed, a cross between an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat.
Clockwise from top left, a tired Pope John Paul II at the alter during a mass in Krakow's Blonie ground; Vissarion (formerly policeman Sergei Torop and now a self-proclaimed Jesus Christ), head of the Vissarion sect, greets his followers during a community holiday in Petropavlovka, Russia; a six-month old leopard cat growls from its cage in Gauhati; members of the Royal Ballet of Flounders during a dress rehearsal of Swan Lake; an ambulance carrying the bodies of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman leaves the woodland area where they were discovered; a paraglider takes advantage of a good breeze on West Vancouver beach; the British training ship Stavros S Niarchos leads the parade of sail at Portsmouth
An adult male Tsushima leopard cat, a rare, protected species living on Tsushima Island in Nagasaki Prefecture in southwestern Japan, appears to have contracted a type of coronavirus, the center said Thursday.
A subspecies of leopard cat, it is distributed widely throughout Southeast Asia and has an amber coat with tiger-like white and reddish-brown stripes on its face and head.
Pelts of the common leopard, African lion (exotic species), Indian palm civet, jungle cat, and leopard cat were available at high prices in markets where local herbalists were mostly found,' the study says.
daily during the exhibition period, the festival will highlight the theme of "Voice of Flowers" and incorporate many local flowers and elements like music and the Flora Expo's mascots 'Leopard Cat Family,' creating a situational story in which the Leopard Cat Family is leading a musical garden party, according to the event organizer.