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Synonyms for leopard

the pelt of a leopard

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large feline of African and Asian forests usually having a tawny coat with black spots

References in classic literature ?
Here we were free from the attacks of the large land carnivora; but the smaller flying reptiles, the snakes, leopards, and panthers were a constant menace, though by no means as much to be feared as the huge beasts that roamed the surface of the earth.
At an uproar behind us the Leopard Man turned quietly around.
The Leopard Man smiled in a sweetly wistful fashion, and the far-away look came into his eyes.
Then the leopards got proud too and said they wouldn't help.
And take all the other empty-headed lions with you-- and those stupid leopards and antelopes.
Then the Doctor was very happy; for all the lions and the leopards and the antelopes and the giraffes and the zebras--all the animals of the forests and the mountains and the plains --came to help him in his work.
About their loins they wore the skins of leopards and lions, and great necklaces of the claws of these same animals depended upon their breasts.
But the one thing he was not afraid of was wild animals of the most ferocious sorts, such as lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars.
After her came grey wolves, fawning on her, and grim- eyed lions, and bears, and fleet leopards, ravenous for deer: and she was glad in heart to see them, and put desire in their breasts, so that they all mated, two together, about the shadowy coombes.
Even if he could, there were the lions and the leopards and the hyenas, any one of which, as Tibo was well aware, was particularly fond of the meat of little black boys.
He looked it, and the piercing glitter that arose at times in his eyes was the same piercing glitter I had observed in the eyes of caged leopards and other preying creatures of the wild.
The students asked questions about the endangered species of Pakistan and adopted male leopard (paid Rs 79,000 as feeding expenditures for two months).
It was proved to be a snow leopard by local authorities later on.
He informed the delegates of the 12 snow leopard range countries that he would commit his time to come up to the expectations on the trust bestowed upon him.
He was driving in an open-top jeep when the leopard suddenly leapt at the vehicle, sinking its teeth into his arm.