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one of many raised pores on the stems of woody plants that allow the interchange of gas between the atmosphere and the interior tissue

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ANTRA cavities CALCULI kidney stones DUCAT old European coin IMARI Japanese porcelain IOS cries of joy JAKAJ town in Albania (Geonames online database) LASSI cold drink made with yoghurt LENTICEL breathing pore in bark LUR old Scandinavian trumpet MANTRAM mantra PREAMP preamplifier in sound system QOREQ town in Afghanistan (Geonames online database) RABBIN rabbi RICKLE rickety structure UBUNTU humanity and compassion VAZOV Ivan, Bulgarian poet, 1850-1921 (Wikipedia) XEROTIC abnormally dry YARROW strop-scented plant ZMUDZ dialect of Lithuanian (Webster's 2nd edition, 1961)
The impact assessments were made on the basis of performance against sap burn, skin browning, lenticels spots, rots and physical damage.
Plants exchange gases in photosynthesis and respiration through pores called stomates and lenticels.
The opening of the lenticels is so small that air can enter, but not water.
Unsightly rotted or discolored lenticel tissues render the potatoes unmarketable, and occasionally shipments of California potatoes are dumped.
Rhizosphere inundation also induced lenticel hypertrophy and adventitious root formation.
When the uptake of N is excessive it may favor the incidence of many physiological disorders (Raese & Drake, 1997) like bitter pit, lenticel blotch pit and fruit internal breakdown, because fruits become bigger, with less firmness, and also because N may depress Ca uptake.
When the level of Ca in the fruits is below normal, they are susceptible to many disorders, including internal breakdown, bitter pit and lenticel blotch pit (Ferguson & Watkins, 1989; Hewett and Watkins, 1991), resulting in reduced fruit shelf life and marketability.
Lenticel formation as a flooding response has been reported for a wide variety of woody plants.
Lenticel and water root development of swamp tupelo under various flooding conditions.
Lenticel A small "corky" area on a stem that allows gas exchange; may be vertical or horizontal to the apex.
If you look very closely at the prop roots, you can see blister-like spots called lenticels (3) that allow the roots to breathe air while the roots are flooded by the tides.
Plant has medium vigor, similar to that of Housui cultivar, and shows lateral ramifications of medium intensity and semi-open growing habit; year branches have few lenticels and internodes are medium.