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Synonyms for lenitive

remedy that eases pain and discomfort

moderating pain or sorrow by making it easier to bear

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Adventures does not advocate that Freethinkers and Secular Humanists offer only lenitive resistance to the theofascists to avoid hurting harmless religionists' feelings.
This oil is obtained through the cold pressing of Priunus dulcis's seeds and it is traditionally well known as eudermic, with a marked moisturizing, emollient, lenitive anti-inflammatory and anti-itching activity (Pisseri et al.
Applications: Trealix is able to recreate the natural state of hydration of the skin, making it an innovative moisturizing and lenitive cosmetic ingredient, particularly suitable for delicate skin and hair.
Later she says to Hope, "I am determined you shall go through a regular course of medicine; valerian tea in the morning, and lenitive drops at night," and to Sir Philip Gardiner, "Hope has no kind of faith in medicine, Sir Philip" (213).
The products are also available with lenitive additives and printing," Fornoni explains.
Their prize included pounds 300 to spend in the Jacques Vert concession; pounds 200 worth of Peters' vouchers; a haircut and re-style at the recently-opened in-store Mark Riley salon; a file and polish at SquareTen; and make-up, facial and massage at the store's new skincare clinic, Lenitive Plus.