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Synonyms for lengthwise

running or extending in the direction of the length of a thing



in the direction of the length

References in classic literature ?
Evidently, as they had dragged the stone up they had thrust the chunks of wood into the chink, until at last, when the opening was large enough to crawl through, they would hold it open by a billet placed lengthwise, which might very well become indented at the lower end, since the whole weight of the stone would press it down on to the edge of this other slab.
Independently of these two principal streets, piercing Paris diametrically in its whole breadth, from side to side, common to the entire capital, the City and the University had also each its own great special street, which ran lengthwise by them, parallel to the Seine, cutting, as it passed, at right angles, the two arterial thoroughfares.
Use a paring knife to slit the peels lengthwise in several places on each piece.
Haha I also fold my reviewer lengthwise like that,' said another.
Tenders are invited for supply of good quality Rearing Tray(Dalla, bamboo made) & Rearing Tray(Bamboo with nylon net) to the different Sericulture units of Nadia district -Rearing Tray(Dalla, bamboo made :(Size 6% x 4%, Inner area made by neatly weaved seasoned bamboo splits 1/4 " width each(Chatai), sides are strengthened by 11/2" width bamboo splits(Bata)which are tied by GI wire at 6 points at lengthwise and 5 points at breadth wise.
Borders and long sashing strips are cut on the lengthwise grain.
A disposable diaper comprising a liquid-permeable top sheet, a liquid-impermeable back sheet and an absorber between the top sheet and back sheet, and having a front body waist region, a crotch region and a back body waist region, wherein the top sheet is a nonwoven fabric having on the skin contact surface a plurality of ridges and a plurality of recesses extending in the lengthwise direction of the disposable diaper, and alternating in the widthwise direction perpendicular to the lengthwise direction, the top sheet has point-like compressed sections, formed by compressing the ridges and/or recesses on the front body waist region and/or the back body waist region, at a density in the range of 4.
You don't have to throw out everything you've learned about rotary cutting to start using short lengthwise strips today.
Usually if I'm dealing with medium to large carrots, I cut off the bottom half and leave it as is, or cut it in half lengthwise.
An important interaction characteristic of a pneumatic-tire with supporting surface, on which the algorithms of the active safety systems are based, is the adhesion co-efficient dependence lengthwise [[mu].
boneless, skinless chicken breast 2 red or yellow bell peppers, quartered lengthwise 1/2 lb.
For the anchovy bagna cauda dressing: 1 ounce young garlic or spring garlic 2 ounces extra virgin olive oil 4 ounces milk 2 ounces oil-packed anchovy fillets Salt and pepper To serve: 4 heads mixed baby lettuces, such as red romaine, Lollo Bianco, and/or baby escarole, separated into leaves 1 head fennel quartered and sliced 1/4-inch thick 6 mixed radishes, cut lengthwise into wedges 6 stalks thin asparagus, blanched, sliced on the bias 4 baby carrots, sliced lengthwise 1/4-inch thick 4 fresh porcini mushrooms, trimmed, cleaned shaved thin Salt and pepper For the dressing.
Available in eight design variants, the end-grain wood is obtained by cross-cutting the tree trunk rather than cutting it lengthwise.
By numerical simulation of the electromagnetic phenomena coupled with the thermal ones for processing the semi-finished products made up of non-ferrous materials, through electromagnetic induction, we are trying to reach our purpose of obtaining a lengthwise uniform heating on the cylindrical pieces in the shortest time.