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Synonyms for lengthened

drawn out or made longer spatially

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What's more, she adds, "our current methods for measuring the length of telomeres aren't accurate enough to confidently say that someone's telomeres lengthened by 10 percent or shortened by 3 percent.
The researchers also found that overexpressing Atg8a in the muscle of flies lengthened life span somewhat.
NEW SECTOR: Orkney ferry Hoy Head being lengthened at Cammell Laird, Birkenhead
the product is designed to create curls that are defined, not stiff; hydrated but not greasy; lengthened but not flat: and loose but not heavy.
Additionally, a larger percentage of the leg can be lengthened then.
In Seattle in 1913, Fassett developed a one-stage operation in which he lengthened the femur by 3 cm.
Browning introduces the Citori 725 12-gauge, which features FireLite Mechanical Trigger, Inflex II Technology recoil pad, Invector-DS Choke System and Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones.
Summary: Everton's casualty list has lengthened with the news that Mikel Arteta could be facing several weeks on the sidelines.
The latter also appears in Estonian, where a short consonant can be lengthened to overlong in illative case, e.
A BOY of 12 is hoping to walk unaided for the first time after having his right leg lengthened.
In total, 15 services per day will be lengthened from July 2010, providing capacity for an extra 959 passengers each morning at peak times, with a similar increase in the evening.
It lengthened and lasted well, but I prefer a more dramatic effect.
32 S&W Long was lengthened in 1984 to become the .
The first observation on (4) is that the final vowel in each of the subject nouns is lengthened on a high tone.
The school day should not be lengthened because it is already long enough ("Lengthen the School Day?