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duration of service


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25%) study subjects from opencast mine in whom respiratory morbid conditions were present have had length of service more than 20 years (Table 4).
The amount in the tender for the execution of the service referred to in item 3) calculated for the maximum length of service (24 months) is 150 000 EUR Excluding VAT, of which EUR 1 760 EUR for costs of security interference is not subject to discount.
Other cost cutting measures in low paying sectors included recruitment freezes and phasing out or cutting of extra holiday awarded for length of service, a survey of 168 organisations found.
Pay increases in the public sector traditionally have been based on length of service rather than performance once a certain threshold of satisfactory performance has been met.
2 : a piece of material often with a special design worn (as on a sleeve) to show military rank or length of service <a sergeant's stripes>
The MPs claim the contracts do not stipulate the length of service for expat government employees.
POLICE should lose automatic pay rises based on length of service and should have salaries based on their performance and skills instead, it was suggested today.
POLICE should lose automatic pay rises based on length of service and have salaries based on their performance and skills, it was suggested today.
First Minister Rhodri Morgan said: "Jon and I have worked together since February 2000 in what must be a partnership unique not only in joint length of service but in evolving a new system of government.
It builds on previous research by producing the first unbiased estimates of length of service and examining variations in length of service in terms of foster parent characteristics and the amount and type of care provided.
Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital is proud to honor the many employees who have demonstrated, by length of service, that they are concerned and caring professionals whose work truly makes a difference in the lives of our patients.
Frank Graves, former chairman of Francis Graves, and his wife Phyllis played host to 14 colleagues whose total length of service added up to more than 500 years.
It is replacing what officials call an outdated, 50-year-old civilian personnel management system that rewards employees for length of service rather than performance.
Are length of service allowances a factor in pay discrimination between men and women?
The median length of service for sitting justices before the recent departures was 18 years.