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a financial institution that makes loans

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Additionally, each lending institution can qualify for different SBA levels.
Stearns Lending has achieved very favourable positioning as a national lending institution and is now prepared to enter the next phase of strategic growth and expansion with Brian's leadership.
Responsibilities of lending institution under the facility
The statute states that ``a loan received by a candidate or committee is a contribution unless the loan is received from a commercial lending institution in the ordinary course of business, or it is clear from the surrounding circumstances that it is not made for political purposes.
Investors or lending institutions were not willing to supply the funds to bridge this gap when there was no collateral except the film's projected profits.
But banks and lending institutions will usually finance a loan based on what the property is worth.
A new lending institution is to be formed in Chicago, and the former president of Harris Bank in Chicago is part of the initiative.
Since planting our roots on the ninth floor, we have grown substantially from a boutique financier to New York's leading cooperative and condominium lending institutions.
In the past, many franchisers have not focused on inner-city neighborhoods because of the difficulty of convincing banks and other lending institutions to back the projects.
Many lending institutions that are potentially subject to CERCLA liability are federally insured through the bank and thrift insurance funds.
In order to establish a securities-based loan, your portfolio is pledged to a lending institution as collateral.
Worse still, it is now clearly established that the absence of the filing of a notice of lending leaves a lending institution liable for a claim of trust fund "diversion" when it "pays itself back" with trust fund assets its own construction loan had created.
Wynn says it's unfair and illogical that "a lending institution may opt out of providing data on the number and amount of commercial loans it makes to small businesses, small agricultural farms and minority-owned small businesses.
It protects the lending institution against the risk of a decline in the market value of a financed asset.
Commercial Property Appraisal's valuation reports are based on lending institution guidelines and will give you instant, online valuations that will help you in deciding what price to list your property at.