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someone who lends money or gives credit in business matters

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Preferred lender lists would need to include at least three lenders that are not affiliated with each other.
AICPA members have contacted the AICPA to clarify their professional ethical obligations when asked for "comfort letters" by lenders and mortgage brokers.
If an IE is a conduit, the IRS may disregard the conduit and recast the financing arrangement as a transaction directly between the lender and the borrower.
Most existing authority holds that a lender does not owe a borrower a fiduciary duty--or any duties, for that matter--beyond those set forth in the loan documents.
In addition to requiring collateral back up for the recourse portion of the CEI, the financial institution providing the enhancement (which generally also acts as construction lender) will also require that the project's owner/ developer provide a completion guaranty and a limited repayment guaranty in connection with the construction loan.
Receipt of that information could prevent the second-lien lender from trading.
Webster contacted Chase Manhattan bank, her lender, which helped her avert foreclosure.
Every quarter since 1999, the National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industries (NIC) has collected key financial and performance data from the nation's leading senior living lenders, owners/operators and appraisal professionals.
In September 2005 the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council will release the annual summary statistical reports for each lender and an aggregate report for each Metropolitan Statistical Area.
1.4658(b)(3), a lender who does not possess incidents of ownership in an entity's assets, but has an interest in its net profits, is also deemed to have a disqualifying interest.
But, each lender (the lender makes the loan and SBA guarantees a portion of the loan) has their own requirements.
In fact, A/R financing from an established lender that understands the unique challenges of operating nursing homes often is the only way to overcome the "reimbursement blues" caused by slow, inconsistent payers.
No lender wants to learn at the last minute that your employer or client is facing serious--or even moderate--business challenges.
Lucas: If you are a home goods supplier, it is important that your lender be committed to the home goods industry.
The proposed rule will also ensure that procedures set forth in 1994 in what is commonly referred to as the Lender Select program are enforced.