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someone who lends money or gives credit in business matters

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While we commend the Environmental Protection Agency for its efforts to provide regulations to clarify the secured lender exemption, its efforts are necessarily limited by the current statutory provisions.
As a rule of thumb, the greater the diversity you are offering the lender (i.
Given this occurrence, the lender is certainly not getting paid for the additional risk being taken.
Receipt of that information could prevent the second-lien lender from trading.
For applications received before January 1, 2004, in which there is no co-applicant, the lender may use code 4 (Not Applicable) in the field provided for the co-applicant's sex.
Before committing to a line of credit, the VR lender will perform due diligence to determine the amount of the loan, as well as the financial stability of the nursing home operator.
With the challenges of intense competition and consolidation in this industry, captives have provided a welcome solution, offering lenders access to a new arena for growth.
Take the lender on a tour of your facilities, show them operations, and let them interview key staff such as your DON to establish the working environment," says Duggan.
A "financing arrangement" is defined as a series of at least two "financing transactions" in which a lender advances money or other property, and a borrower receives money or other property, if the advance and receipt are brought about through one or more intermediate entities (IE) and there are financing transactions linking the lender, each IE, and the borrower.
These underwriting requirements will vary from the types of projects a lender is willing to finance to the amount being financed and the associated interest rate.
When such initial financing is needed, the lender will usually insist that the lease contain certain clauses, which serve to protect the lender's interest.
The management fee allows the lender to hire another asset manager (if necessary) and the Cap "X" allowance is intended to keep the property in like-new condition.