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facilities are not replenished on time, they will run out of lendable
If this is the logic that Reserve Bank follows, then in its next monetary policy review on January 24, it would refrain from cutting its policy rates or even lowering the cash reserve ratio requirements of banks to free up their lendable resources.
Anyone who owns a Kindle or Nook ebook title that is lendable (not every title is lendable) can lend that book to someone else--someone they don't even know, simply by sending an email message.
The lendable value for these assets differs according to the central bank to which they are pledged.
Specifically, some of the measures were: augmenting foreign exchange liquidity; maintaining a policy framework that would keep credit delivery on track to arrest moderation of growth; a rupee-dollar swap facility to Indian banks; an exclusive refinance window for non-banking financial companies and lendable resources available to apex finance institutions for refinancing credit to small industries; and expanding housing and exports.
To ease the availability of funds to banks, RBI has also extended additional support to banks through the repo window to the tune of one per cent of their deposits, which will add `48,000 crore to the banks' lendable resources.
Paulson held that the equity injection strategy would render lendable
These types of distortions were evident on March 16, when Freddie Mac completed a delinquent loan buyout and removed some of its lendable federal funds.
Through time, savers and investors identify dependable intermediaries; these institutions are the ones that can maintain a more stable supply of lendable funds.
* The trebling of lendable resources available to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to $750bn.
would make lendable funds more immediately available to lenders, hence
Data Explorers are the world leader in the provision of securities lending data, with a database containing more than US$13 trillion dollars of loans and lendable assets in over 235,000 equities and fixed income instruments held in 22,000 funds worldwide.
It is efficient to make use of this expertise by permitting banks to have more lendable funds than they would have if restricted to demand deposits alone.
The booming hedge fund sector is creating new levels of demand for lendable stock.