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Synonyms for lend-lease

the transfer of goods and services to an ally to aid in a common cause


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Appropriately, the early section of the book provides a primer on the emergence of Lend-Lease, since it was Lend-Lease funding that was arranged to defray Army Air Force (AAF) expenses in conducting the training.
It has been accepted for many years that the Lend-Lease program of World War II was critical to both Great Britain's and the Soviet Union's survival in their struggles with Nazi Germany and contributed materially to Germany's eventual defeat.
This overlooks that most Lend-Lease materiel was dispatched in Soviet ships, which Japan rarely molested owing to its non-aggression pact with Russia.
After touting war-torn London on FDR's behalf, Willkie testified before Congress in favor of the president's controversial Lend-Lease proposal to arm the allies, saying it was the "last, best chance" to keep America out of the war.