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Synonyms for lens

genus of small erect or climbing herbs with pinnate leaves and small inconspicuous white flowers and small flattened pods: lentils

(metaphor) a channel through which something can be seen or understood

biconvex transparent body situated behind the iris in the eye

electronic equipment that uses a magnetic or electric field in order to focus a beam of electrons

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I trust, in conclusion, our local sports pundits will give Len a more generous appraisal in future.
He said: "I've judged her at thousands of competitions and I taught her and her husband Corky, and there's no one when I the News Len section'who knows their ballroom and Latin like her.
Len, a professional dancer who became a household name in his late 60s after being picked to judge Strictly, said: "Who'd have thought it, ole Len Goodman presenting a quiz?
A St Helens resident, posting on a Facebook group about Len, remembered a time when they "drove to Romania with Lenny to build an adventure playground in the grounds of an orphanage and take medical supplies and clothes for the kids".
Rhwng popeth, dw i'n meddwl 'mod i ar lwyfan y Babell Len chwe gwaith
When Saturday Night Fever ight and Grease came along in the 1970s, Len suddenly found his dance studio in Dartford hit by disco fever as young hopefuls turned up keen to learn to move like John Travolta.
Len paused at the memory of that moment, his eyes filled with defeat, exhaustion and anger.
When he's calmed down, Len, who is on a sort of vacation from life at his woodland cabin, explains: "I don't want that thing ringing in the middle of the night.
Len has expressed his gratitude that the choir had allowed him to write and perform so many of his own works over the years.
Construction financing in the amount of $2,700,000 was negotiated by Len Solinsky for a to-be-built six-unit condominium building on Chambers Street in Manhattan.
In 1963, when he was 46 and a longtime newsletter editor, Len read Silent Spring, published the year before by his neighbor in Silver Spring, Maryland, Rachel Carson.
Len teaches Cameron to shoot and involves him in vandalizing a church.
Jan and Len Marella of Canoga Park celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their family Aug.