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As observed in lemurs, less dominant males are often left out of social practices.
It's really exciting and a great boost for our close-knit family group - the other lemurs have been taking a keen interest in the babies and we are keeping a close eye on them in these early days," Ms Gedman added.
Klopfer expected much the same from two other dwarf lemurs from an upland forest with cold, wet winters.
Lemur Resources is a Madagascan focused coal exploration company.
The zoo's family of crowned lemurs will also be introduced into the enclosure later.
our guided tours are the foundation of our education program, bringing visitors close to lemurs and creating an experience that leads them to care about them.
For the Love of Lemurs offers an honest and hopeful example of how scientists, governments, and regular people can join together to make a real difference for the planet and all of its inhabitants.
Producer and writer Drew Fellman said: "The film, which is narrated by Morgan Freeman, gives people the opportunity to fall in love with lemurs, like we did.
Schwitzer and his team, who came up with the emergency lemur preservation plan, have identified 30 priority sites for lemur conservation, which will be managed at a local level.
Now a team from Newcastle University has mounted a mission to the forests of Madagascar to study five species of lemur and the habitat on which they depend.
Four lemur infants were born at the Lemur Conservation Foundation's Myakka City Lemur Reserve.
On a dark and stormy night at Myakka City's Lemur Reserve, Adam Davies ponders existence, extinction--and hope.
AThe island is vast - bigger than the UK - and poor infrastructure can brown lemur comfortably forages for berries only metres from our feetmake journeys long and expensive.
Red ruffed lemurs Fang and Igor arrived from Dublin Zoo and staff at Twycross are hoping one of the pair might breed with resident lemur Nadia.