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a small evergreen tree that originated in Asia but is widely cultivated for its fruit

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To accomplish this with our miniature lemon tree, we keep it in a container and prune It occasionally.
Lemon Tree Hotels has partnered with Raine & Horne Dubai, the Australian real estate franchise, in an agreement to sign a minimum of eight Middle Eastern developments over three years.
The hotels, which will be a mix of new and converted properties, will be branded under the upscale Lemon Tree Premier, the midscale Lemon Tree Hotels, and the economy brand Red Fox Hotel.
Lemon Tree offers an eclectic mix of over two hundred earring and necklace designs, all proudly handcrafted in Longmont, Colorado and distributed throughout the United States.
Kim Macfarlane, owner of the Bring Back the Jif Lemon Tree page, has called for people to save plastic lemons in the hope of getting a tree to hang them on.
Lemon Tree Hotels Group LTHG (through Carnation Hotels) will act as the partner in providing the design consultancy to the project in the initial phase and managing the day to day operation of the serviced apartments later.
Lemon Tree has been doing some things right for they have grown from ` 20 crore company to a ` 300 crore one.
Dundee's finest bring their raucous brand of rock 'n' roll to Aberdeen's Lemon Tree.
Lemon Tree Hotels aims to enter luxury market A luxury brand is in the works for India's Lemon Tree Hotels.
New York (USAsian Network Business & Industry News) Tue, Apr 8, 2014 - A luxury brand is in the works for India's Lemon Tree Hotels.
com, India's leading travel planning and search engine together with Lemon Tree Hotels- India's third largest hotel company by owned rooms.
When the journey from the Aurangabad airport is completed in about five minutes, my eyes light up as I see the Lemon Tree Hotel.
Lemon Tree Premier hotel at Delhi's Indira Gandhi Airport opens Lemon Tree Premier hotel at Delhi's Indira Gandhi Airport features a dramatic view of planes landing and taking off, but it has no guests to see them.
Lemon Tree Hotels, which saw a 60% increase in women guests in the last five years, believes it is crucial to ensure the safety of single women travelers.
CAN I grow a lemon tree from a pip and if I do, will it set fruit?