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a small evergreen tree that originated in Asia but is widely cultivated for its fruit

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NORTHERN ARC - OLD BLIND DOGS WITH STARTIJENN Tomorrow at 8pm at the Lemon Tree.
? Macfloyd's Lemon Tree show starts at 8pm tomorrow.
In addition, the first lemon tree nursery was opened in Jalal-Abad Oblast.
Lemon Tree is the latest entrant in the "clean" category--a catchall term that covers restaurants that aren't strictly vegetarian or vegan but that emphasize vegetables rather than meat and accommodate gluten-free diets and other specialty eating plans.
MB Carson A This is a common problem with lemon trees and, yes, bugs do tend to reappear.
QI would like your advice on my lemon tree. When I bought it from a garden centre it had a label with a knife and fork crossed through.
Lemon Tree Hotels Limited, through its management subsidiary Carnation Hotels has signed an agreement for the first Lemon Tree Hotel in Dubai.
Summary: Lemon Tree Hotels signs management agreement for 115-room property
Indian hotel chain Lemon Tree Hotels, through its management subsidiary Carnation Hotels, has announced the signing of its first hotel in Dubai.
He designed the Lemon Tree Trust garden for the Chelsea Flower Show based on the refugees' garden.
Alfonso Montiel of the Lemon Tree Trust has sat down in many of the tiny green spaces at the camp.
When life hands you lemons, plant more lemon trees. At least that's the ambitious growth strategy being sowed by Jonathan Shaw, the CEO of Lemon Tree Development who is spearheading expansion efforts of the Long Island-born Lemon Tree Family Salon chain.
New Delhi: Lemon Tree Hotels made its stock market debut on both BSE and NSE.
I do have to drag our potted lemon tree into our sunroom to protect it from frost, but my annual harvest of two to three dozen organic lemons makes it worth the bother.